I wanted to reach out to say thanks for all you did for us during our first year with School Dismissal Manager and FastLane. We were very happy with the software and felt that it eased our dismissal/carpool time tremendously. I asked for feedback from our teachers towards the end of the year, and it was all very positive! Both homeroom teachers and the Special Areas who assist with carpool were very positive about the system as a whole.
Anna McCubrey

Lower School Administrative Assistant
Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC

Teachers and parents love how fast the dismissal line goes now.
Amy Mooneyham

Steven F. Austin State University Charter School
Austin, Texas

Using School Dismissal Manager has streamlined our end of the day dismissals tremendously! Parents, teachers and administrators are loving the new system. Implementation was smooth, quick and easy. We have experienced less daily phone calls, missed notes and general confusion. The entire staff at School Dismissal Manager have been very supportive; walking us through every step and always quick to respond should a question arise. I highly recommend switching from the old manual system to this user friendly modern technology!
Kathy Shahbazi

Fishers Elementary, Fishers, IN

The more I use this system the more I fall in love. Seriously, this has changed the scope of my job. I feel very secure in having a place to enter student's after school directives that eliminates the opportunity for human error. It is surprising to me how much time in my day was spent on phone calls and writing info down and then re-writing it at the end of the day. Our parents are already using the system and we are getting positive feedback. For those who do not have email or just refuse to use the system, entering it for them is so fast and easy. Our bus drivers also prefer the full report over shuffling through multiple bus passes. Thank you for making our days run smoothly and efficiently. SDM is amazing!!
Kaliska (Kaki) Russell

Talkeetna Elementary School
Talkeetna, AK

At the end of the day I simply walk to my buses and dismiss them. My office staff then listens to the radio of other schools trying to locate children and then casually pack up and depart stress free. Dismissal Manager has truly helped us evolve into a 21st Century model operation.
Dana Kaminski

Brooks School Elementary
Fishers, IN

I spent my the better part of my day creating a bus list in Excel taking calls, checking emails and reading notes (some illegible) from parents. I don't worry about making a mistake and sending a student home on the wrong bus anymore. I simply print my list and hand it off to the bus monitors. I would never want to go back to the way it was before School Dismissal Manager!
Carole Rende

Glenville Elementary
Greenwich, CT

School Dismissal Manager has eliminated the abundance of parent notes and phone calls that would come in on a daily basis, allowing more time for me to get many other tasks accomplished. It is definitely a great program and one that all schools may want to look into in the future.
Tracey Chrisanthopoulos

Robinson Park School
Agawam, MA

I love it! It has been so easy working with these guys and now that we have the new upgrades in place, dismissal is going to be even smoother! I'm working on getting our whole district on Dismissal Manager!
Charlotte Burke

Eanes Elementary
Austin, Texas

If I ever tried to get rid of SDM there would be mutiny among the administrative staff!
Roy Walder

New Canaan Public Schools
New Canaan, CT

Five years running now...can't imagine not using School Dismissal Manager.
Dave Lustberg

Weston School District
Weston, CT

School Dismissal Manager has been a great improvement by making our dismissal process more efficient and, more importantly, safer.
Joshua Ziac

New Canaan Country School (private)
New Canaan, CT

Our campus uses SDM all day, not only for dismissal information. It is a great source when searching for a student and the only information available is the first name. Also, SDM provides a quick teacher roster. We can connect students from the same household, because of parent emails.
Rebecca Wright

West Cyprus Hills Elementary

School Dismissal Manager and Fastlane completely transformed our way of thinking in regards to our student dismissal and car line procedures. We reached out to SDM for help with our growing car line in hopes to streamline the process for everyone involved, both parents and staff alike. We quickly realized the advantages to a better accountability system for our parents to inform us of their student's dismissal plans and the time-saving data available to our office and teaching staff. Plus, the reporting options are endless and are customized to our needs.

The Fastlane element of the program has allowed our staff to dismiss student's directly from their classrooms in a much more efficient way and has minimized our car line staff to simple duties. The pick up procedure has become a very enjoyable part of our day!

Lastly, the SDM staff are very professional, friendly and always willing to help. We had many questions when we first started and they helped us work through it all. They even came up with a special programming solution to fix our multiple campus pick up sites. Once we designated our student base to a particular site, it was so easy for all staff to use!

SDM has proven time and again to be a reliable partner with us as we continue to grow. They continue to improve and add new features on a regular basis. Our staff no longer dread the end of day dismissal procedure, but look forward to it while being more productive.
Catherine Baro and Jackie Gibson

Classical Preparatory School and Early Academy
Tampa, FL

We were looking for ways to improve our dismissal procedure and to tighten our safety and security measures and SDM helped us do both.
Katie Winter

Primrose Elementary School
Lincolndale, NY

We have been very pleased with our new School Dismissal System and would highly recommend it to other schools. It's a triple-win: We've managed to make the parents, the teachers & the school office staff happy at the same time! Our parents have found the system easy to use - and it has truly cut down on much confusion at the end of the school day. We haven't needed too much support from the SDM staff - but when we have - they are quick to respond - and always try to fully solve any issue. I like that our rep communicates our requests to the developers as well - so that our input can be considered for future upgrades.

Overall - we are glad that we installed SDM. Our only regret is that we didn't start using it sooner!
Amy Kalter

North Shore Hebrew Academy
Great Neck, NY

School Dismissal Manager has been helping schools dismiss children for over ten years. Our team of internet professionals are parents too. After dealing with carlines for many years we started working with school administrators at our own school to create a tool to streamline pickups. We are constantly working with our advisory schools to ensure that School Dismissal Manager is using the latest technology available to ensure safe and smooth dismissals. School Administrators Call Today 1-844-SDM-BELL (736-2355).
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