The key to improving your car line is making sure you know who's here and where they are in line. THIS is how we do that.

FastLane:  The Formula

ID Who's in Line

Within SDM Core, you get FastLane, the car line management system. Your daily reports will provide a list of students who will be dismissed via parent pickup that day. As parents arrive in the car line, they can check-in via manual entry by school staff or self check-in via qr code or through the SDM app.

FastLane ID Who's In Line
FastLane Teachers Receive Alerts

Teachers Receive Alerts

Once parents are checked-in, teachers or staff are alerted as to when each student should be dismissed from the classroom. Teachers can inform car line staff if a student is delayed for any reason.

FastLane Teachers Options

Children Dismissed to Car Line

Children are called from the classroom or staging area to the car line. Car line staff keep track as students are dismissed and parents exit the school campus.

FastLane Admin Dismiss
FastLane Children Dismissed to Car Line

Schedule a Demo!

If you have any questions about car line, schedule a demo! It's free and we will walk through how all this works and how it can be tailored to fit specific car lines.

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